Why The Backwards G… ?

What’s Up With the G… ?

A lot of potential clients, friends, family, acquaintances, and complete strangers on Social Media ask the same question… “What’s up with the G? Why is the G backwards?” And the answer is simple… the G is backwards because it starts a conversation… a conversation we here at Gullion Properties think all Real Estate Professionals should be having, both with their clients and with their co-workers.

The G is backwards because Gullion Properties is always… giving back.

We give back to the client by not just being their realtor… but by being their guide, their mentor, their sounding board, and their friend. Gullion Properties isn’t about selling our clients a house… Gullion Properties is about selling our clients the RIGHT house. It’s about staying inside the budget while locating the perfect location with the right amenities. It’s about getting to know our clients so why understand not just what they want… but what they actually need. It’s about having that dialog with our clients so they understand that we understand: it’s not about just finding a house, but it’s about finding a home.

It’s also about giving back to our communities. It has always been our philosophy that if you want to make the world a better place, you start by improving your corner of the world. In keeping with that philosophy, Gullion Properties sponsors local non-profits, like the Mesquite Arts Theatre and their production of The Savannah Sipping Society. We sponsored the Angel Tree at our local church. And we promote this spirit of participation within our company with all our employees. For example, our social media marketing director recently helped music direct and taught singing lessons at a local high school’s Fall musical production and their One-Act Play submission to UIL in the Spring.

Gullion Properties keeps the real in real estate… by always giving back. That’s why the G is backwards.

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